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How to boost your Spotify monthly listeners legally and for free?

Learn exactly the steps I did to get my songs into algorithmic playlists and use this knowledge to boost your music on Spotify for free.

Read the steps below video if you get lost.

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Pimp your Spotify profile, add profile and header images, add links, bio...​


Prepare your best songs for submission, to increase chances of being added to any of the playlists.


Login to Dailyplaylists website with your Spotify account. I suggest loging to Spotify for Artists first, to make things go smoother.


Submit your song to correct playlists. If you submit your song to the wrong playlist, you will waste your free credits and miss your chance on being added.​

Only look for green, "Active recently" playlists, since those guys are most likely online at all times.

OPTIONAL: Sort by lowest followers first, since those are smaller playlists that artists most likely aren't submiting to, so your chances of being added are much bigger.


Repeat this step every week, because the credits are being reset every Monday. After few months, if your song is being added to the playlists, your monthly listeners should start growing.

If you have any questions regarding this, or you wanna hear professional feedback on your music, how to improve and get professional sound, get mix & mastering, send me an email on, or hit me up on Instagram - @vordabeatzz