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Feedback portal

Use this page to have your music heard by industry pro with over 15 years of experience and gain invaluable feedback.

A word of caution. This is not a typical feedback that most people provide on social media. If it's good I will tell you, if it's bad I will tell you what you CAN DO to make it even better.

Valuable feedback like this can tremendously help your music career, and that's what you will get.

I will spend at least 15 min listening and breaking down your song. Then, you will get your feedback on your email, usually within a day or two.

How many times you can submit?

If you're on Free Trial 👉 one submission

If you're on Paid Membership 👉 3 submissions / month

How to claim your feedback?

Step #1: Specify what aspect or element of the song you want feedback on the most. Leave blank if you wanna general feedback.

Step #2: Provide me a link to your existing song, eg. Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube. Alternatively, you can upload your song in mp3 or similar formats.

Step #3: Watch out on your email for your feedback in a day or two.

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